Songs on the Earth Chants
CD include:

1. Metta
2. Earth My Body
3. I Am Rooted
4. Woman Am I
5. The River is Flowing
6. Chant for the Earth*
7. One of These Days
8. Keep it Simple
9. Every Little Cell
10. Step Into the Flow
11. Hold Me Mother Earth
12. May the Circle Be Open
13. Fireside
14. Simple Gifts
15. Acceleration Syndrome
16. Peace Like A River
17. I'm Going On
18. Peace Will Come

PURCHASE: Earth Chants
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A collection of 18 songs that will have you singing every affirm your life, to move you
past obstacles, to inspire your Soul, to be closer to Mother Earth. Even if you are not someone
who considers yourself musical or a "singer", you will benefit from these mini songs and
chants. Sing these with your kids, your partner; in the car, while walking, upon rising. These
songs are designed to sing at retreats, with groups of women and couples and other
gatherings of the heart.
"I was so pleased that I could sing along with many of the songs and chants
right away. It was peaceful way to start my week. As I drove along I felt as
though I was reaffirming a vision of caring for myself, the earth and others. It
reminded me to be open and not let my own insecurities cloud
my daily work..."

"Perhaps if I had been self caring my whole life, this CD would have floated
into my life and been enjoyed and floated right into the endless stacks of
CDs I have enjoyed. But not this CD; it is, well, different, special...these
songs invite me to stop and sing along, affirming my willingness to care for

"...helps me breathe and be quiet - gives me energy..." - Mitzi

"I loved the fact that this album obviously comes from your hearts. It is a
simple album, yet it certainly is rich. The songs vary in style from the ancient
sounding to the modern, from vocal to instrumental, from childlike
innocence to a sage-like maturity. Ah, heck, it's just fun to sing to; every little
cell in my body thinks so."
- Leroy
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1 CD $20

3 CD's $50