For thirty-five years, The Van Manens have been making music together. The
early years of folky two- part harmony soon evolved into folky music for
children. With the release of their 1st children's album in 1998, Barley Bread
and Reindeer Milk, The Van Manens found their niche creating and performing
songs and stories about Nature and peace for children.

Countless songs and concerts carried them through the 90's. Since 2000,
when the Van Manens shifted away from full-time music as their livelihood,
other pursuits have occupied their professional lives. But music -- for children
and for adults --still plays a major role in all that the Van Manens do.
Today you can hear the music of the Van Manens in person if you attend an evening full moon
hike or Nature toddlers group with Ranger Dave at the Mtn Park Environmental Center, or go on
Retreat with Coach Helene through her wildly successful retreat business. In 2005 Dave and
Helene recorded Earth Chants - their latest compilation work of collected and original songs -
songs and chants geared toward the adult market.