Barley Bread and Reindeer Milk
is The Van Manens first children's CD. Parents of young children love this music
collection as it contains the songs: Warm Fuzzies, The World Pledge and Pajama
Time (designed to get your kids to love the going to bed ritual). Children love the story
Zahra's Search and it is great for car time. And I Love My Home is a sweet family
anthem that you and your children will love!

Songs on the Barley Bread and Reindeer Milk CD:

1. People
2. Imagine A Peaceful World
3. Warm Fuzzies
4. Take A Walk
5. Zahra's Search
6. World Pledge
7. Pajama Time
10. I Love My Home
11. Mairzy Doats
12. I Want To Sing
13. Under One Sky
14. Peace Will Come

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1 CD $20

We Recycle and Other Songs for Earthkeepers
This very singable album won the Parents Choice Award for Best Children's Album.
Your children will be singing We Recycle and I Am An Earthkeeper in no time flat.
Great songs, great instrumentation, a great album!

Songs on the We Recycle CD:

1. We Recycle
2. Dave The Friendly Ghost
3. She's My Dog
4. The Family Tree
5. We Are Flowers
6. Going TO My Garden
7. Earthkeeper
8. What is Peace?
9. Cold Pricklies
10. I'm Angry
11. Warm Fuzzies Revisited
12. I Went For A Walk
13. Simple Gifts

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1 CD $20

Healthy Planet Healthy People This excellent album includes the song Don't Whine ,
loved by children and most appreciated by parents. The Van Manens know children
and this knowledge is reflected in the music of this fine album. From the gentle I Am A
Friend, the silly Fat Piglet Waltz, to the jazzy upbeat Trees, both you and your children
will soon love this album. And there is no doubt that your kids will grow up and sing
Peace Like a River to their own children.

Songs on the Healthy Planet Healthy People CD:

1. Healthy, Planet, Healthy People
2. Don't Whine
3. Building Bridges
4. Trees
5. Chant For The Earth
6. Peace Like A River
7. The Fat Piglet Waltz

8. Earth Circles
9. The Happy Wanderer
10. My Body
11. Get Out!
12. I Am A Friend

PURCHASE: Healthy Planet Healthy People
Each purchase includes postage.

1 CD $20